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The Workouts

Full body:

A complete full-body cardiovascular workout, aimed at increasing fitness, reducing body fat and building lean muscle tissue. 


Optimise performance and prevent sports injuries before they occur, with personalised and focused exercises, targeting muscle tightness, imbalances of strength, coordination and muscle stabilization.

FULL BODY - Upper focus:

A resistance workout carefully designed to strengthen and sculpt the back and chest, biceps, triceps, forearms and abs.


A high intensity boxing and combat class incorporating explosive speed, footwork and strength. Jab, hook and uppercut your way to a leaner, tighter physique.


Designed in six week blocks, focusing on building strength one compound movement at a time.

FULL BODY - Lower focus:

Lunge, squat and thrust your way to the perfect lower body, with a variety of resistance exercises aimed at increasing flexibility and strength in your legs and glutes. 


Combining body weight stength training and basic gymnastics, Calisthenics will see you master a variety of impressive movements from handstands to the human flag and muscle ups to planches.

FULL BODY - Core focus:

A high intensity workout concentrating on building core strength. If it’s abs of steel you’re after, this is the class for you!


Focusing on the fundamentals of Olympic Lifting, this session will hone your snatch, clean and jerk technique, whilst increasing power and speed.


Our trainers take it in turns to programme Saturday’s workout, so you could be completing Olympic lifts one week and out running the next. It’s a surprise!


Full Body - Upper focus6.15am
Full Body - Upper focus7.30am
Full Body - Upper focus9.30am
Full Body - Upper focus12.30pm
Full Body - Upper focus5.00pm
Full Body - Upper focus6.30pm


Full Body6.15am
Full Body 7.30am
Full Body9.30am
Full Body12.30pm
Full Body5.00pm
Full Body6.30pm


Full Body - Core focus7.30am
Full Body - Core focus9.30am
Full Body - Core focus12.30pm
Full Body - Core focus5.00pm
Full Body - Core focus6.30pm


Full Body - Lower focus6.15am
Full Body - Lower focus7.30am
Full Body - Lower focus9.30am
Full Body - Lower focus12.30pm
Full Body - Lower focus5.00pm
Full Body - Lower focus6.30pm


Olympic Lifting4.00pm


Trainer's Choice9am
Trainer's Choice10.30am
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